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The Progressives’ Legacy of Bankruptcy - Tiffany Jones Miller
Our debt crisis, in sum, has everything to do with the transformation of morality and government effected by the late-19th- and early-20th-century Progressive movement. Far from being largely ineffectual reformers, the Progressive academics who articulated the new conception of Freedom and the “positive” State, outlined above, were also the initiators of the entitlement programs that lie at the core of our crisis today. How Americans ultimately decide to resolve this crisis — by reining in spending or meekly submitting to far higher taxes — will serve either to revitalize the Founders’ conception of freedom, and the idea of limited government that flows from it, or seriously accelerate America’s century-long slide into the “overlordship” of Progressivism.
For 'America' one could read 'Western Europe' and it would still be true. More so, even.

Having said that: This is a good read. It explains the differences in the concept of Freedom, as commonly understood versus the 'progressive' definition, and everything that flows from those differences. And it may point out a way to counter the 'progressive' narrative.

(via Vox Day)

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