Not so self-solving after all

The negotiations for a 'Danish option' cabinet, a minority VVD-CDA cabinet, supported by the PVV, are entering their third week. By all accounts this week will be make or break. The most notable about the start of this week is the silence, the baited breath if you will, descending upon the Dutch MSM.

What we did see today was the news that of the civil servants corps in the Netherland, 11% expect 'conflicts of conscience' when a Danish cabinet takes office, while 42% thinks it bad for the Netherlands if it does (whatever the hell that means).

To put this in a bit of context: Over a year ago we reported on what then looked like a self-solving problem. The problem being a bloated bureaucracy, the self-solving solution the fact that in May last year more then half of civil servants employed by the national government stated they would refuse to work for a government that include the PVV. Given that such would mean a breach of the oath of office, that stated desire for refusal effectively meant that over 50% of government civil servants were willing to be sacked over the PVV taking part in government

But now, only a year later, a 'Danish' cabinet, including the PVV in a supporting role, is increasingly likely. And all those heroes of conscience of yesteryear are rethinking their options. Now, only a measly 1% indicate they are contemplating resignation, while another 6% may (I repeat: MAY) start looking for gainful employment elsewhere.

And thus it emerges that our problems with too many state civil servants and a bloated bureaucracy are not so self-solving after all. As was to be expected, the parasites are loath to let go of the host. More's the pity...

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