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On Pajamas Media we find an interesting piece by Oleg Atbashian on the meaning and implications of a term that hasn't been used openly at all, but rings true to everyone observing political developments around Western Civilization: The Professional Left.
The term “professional left” denotes a growing industry that specializes in converting other people’s money into an ideological product, while making a good living out of it in the process. (...)

There is a class of people with radical leftist views who have made it their job — with the help of abundant grants, foundations, and trusts — to carry out propaganda campaigns, indoctrinate, subvert, and plant the seeds of the leftist worldview in people’s minds through the arts, media, education, blogging, and street protests. For many it’s the only income they’ve had in years. As with most professional enthusiasts, after a while the pre-paid idealism gives way to cynicism, and the quest for truth turns into a mechanical repetition of talking points.
Doesn't that sound eerily familiar? Here in the Netherlands we have our own examples of the professional leftist. Like disgraced former MP Wijnand Duyvendak. Of course, the prime example of a 'professional leftard' is president Obama, who’s entire career has been about organizing, sustaining, and advancing the professional left and their operations.

The term 'professional left' deserves to become a main-stream term. Because it is such a very useful term, in that it encompasses the entire steady parade of fools and non-valeurs riding their high horse through segments on Dutch TV news. In time the term should become one of derision, ridiculing or dismissing those who've never earned a honest wages in their life, but live off public money, like tse-tse flies living off the blood of their victims. Who never have held a productive job, who's only contribution to society is sanctimonious horseshit, paid for by subsidies and tax money.

All professional leftists should be ignored or ridiculed, shut out of civil society, cut off from funding. Because their views on matters of economy, the human condition, politics and morality are misguided and frankly pathologically delusional views. Their methods are corrupt and often criminal. And the their goals, if enacted or reached, can only lead to disaster and human misery.

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