Why are we still in?

Via Wolf Howling, we have Iris Binstead of Save Our Sovereignty listing a few of the top issues which are making the EUnion such a threat to freedom, prosperity and sovereignty. You know, all the things that they told us the EUnion would guarantee.

Starting with the privacy and freedom of speech killing European Investigation Order and the European Arrest Warrant (covered here earlier), the list touches upon the EUnion power grab in the financial sector and member states budgets, describing the still looming solvency crisis within the EUnion, even as the EUnion is demanding ever more funds for its own.

It also mentions the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fishing Policy, which perversely have turned Third World countries into paying the EUnion, while having their fishing grounds depleted by mostly French and Spanish fishermen.

The list ends with enumerating some of the completely wasteful, unnecessary and fantastically costly regulations that the EUnion have foisted upon us, including the Working Hours directive and the completely surreal Climate Change Act.

After reading that list of complaints, one is left to wonder: Why are we still in?

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