No mosque here!

Geert Wilders gave his speech at the demonstration against the Ground Zero mosque. And by all accounts it was a good speech, that was well-received. The above is part 1 of the Youtube version of the speech. Part 2 is here, and part 3 is here.

The text of the speech can be found here (though I wish the good people in charge of the PVV website knew the concept of paragraphs). [Minor update] The .pdf of the speech is more readable.

Reactions in the Netherlands are moderately positive. To everyone's relief (or disappointment, as the case may be) Wilders did not say anything that might jeopardize the formation of a 'Danish' cabinet.

Yes, I know, on an evening as this, that might come over as a case of screwed priorities, but that is how Dutch politics are at the moment.

I've watched the speech myself, and I have to say: My compliments, Mr. Wilders. Well done!

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