The Reverse Majority Rule

Within the EUnion the next step to kill off democracy and the nation-state is being prepared. Flagged up by England Expects, Herman 'not my president' van Rompuy is about to introduce 'The Reverse Majority Rule'. If the name reads like an Orwellian expression denoting the abolishment of consensus decision makeing, you'd not be far off. From the van Rompuy speech (pdf) that introduces this new concept:
Whenever possible, decision-making rules on sanctions should be more automatic and based on a reverse majority rule, implying a Commission proposal is adopted unless rejected by the Council.
Got that? A EUnion Comission proposal is accepted, unless rejected by a majority of Council votes. Gawain Towler explains:
From what I can work out from the explanations given it means that the nation states need to get 51% of the votes to block a proposal from the Commission rather than the Commission requiring a majority of 62% to get something passed. If so this is of enormous importance to the balance of power in the European Union.
The thing is: Nowhere in the Lisbon Treaty Turnip is there any provision for introducing this new Reverse Majority Rule. Thus the introduction of this new rule would seem to be a clear violation of the Turnip and hence illegal.

Incidentally, this new rule may make life for the EUrocrats a little uncomfortable, since it represents a massive transfer of power away from nation-states. In the UK prime-minister Cameron has promised that in such a case, there would be a referendum in the UK. This may precipitate yet another crisis for the EUnion.

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