The worst newspaper in Holland

My former house daily, Trouw (Dutch for 'loyalty'), started life as an underground resistance paper during the Nazi occupation of Holland. It was loyal to the Netherlands as a sovereign nation, and loyal to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It has an honourable history both during WW2 and after. Up until four years ago it was the only major Dutch newspaper who dared to be critical of islam.

But something has happened over the last few years. The editorial tone of the newspaper became increasingly left-wing, EUrophile, green-oriented and pro-islam. In the process Trouw abandoned its editorial objectivity and embraced naked political activism, first to give Doekle Terpstra a boost and lately by openly siding with the left-wing CDA fossils in their attempts to sabotage a 'Danish' cabinet.

I had already given up Trouw years ago, discovering I could get more balanced coverage of the news through the internet. But I kept an eye on my former favourite Saturday read. When a paper includes columnists like Sylvain Ephimenco or Elma Drayer, hope is still alive.

That now has all changed. In the comments under the web-article (NL) about the Australian imam stating that Geert Wilders needs to be beheaded, there is a comment left by a 'johan', who writes (in appalling Dutch):
I think Feiz Muhammad is right. This Wilders must be beheaded. He brings discredit to the faith of islam.
An unfortunate commenter unloading his verbal diarrhoea. We've all seen them, right? The reaction will be moderated and the commenter banned in due time, right?

Except that the comments on the Trouw site are pre-moderated. That's right: If you leave a comment, some moderator must first approve your comment, before it can be seen on the website.

Let that sink in for a while: This 'johan' made a comment, agreeing with that Australian cretin that Wilders should have his head cut off. That comment lands on the desk of whatever moderator/editor is in charge of the comments. And he thinks this comment is perfectly sensible and worthy to publish on the site. In other words: A major Dutch daily has approved the call, by a commenter, to have a Dutch political leader beheaded for 'discrediting' islam.

This is so sick, I honestly don't know what to say. The Trouw advertising slogan used to be "Trouw. Maybe the best newspaper in Holland". I think we can adjust that slogan slightly to properly reflect the trashy, left-wing action pamphlet it has become: Trouw. Probably the worst newspaper in Holland.

(via GeenStijl)

[UPDATE001] Well, somebody woke up and thought 'This isn't right'. The offending comment was purged this morning. Silently, though. No apology, just like that. The comment, and its approval, never happened... down the memory hole. Should have kept a screen-cap, but alas.

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