Counterfitting history

Via England Expects:
The European Parliament's Culture Committee have nodded through their latest attempt to forge the philospher's stone that is a single European memory. The latest vessel for this is what is called the European Heritage Label.

This is what they say,

[A] European Heritage Label, whose general objectives are to strengthen European citizens' sense of belonging to the European Union, based on shared elements of history and heritage, as well as an appreciation of diversity, and to strengthen intercultural dialogue. To this end the Label seeks to enhance the value and the profile of sites which have played a key role in the history and the building of the European Union, and to increase European citizens' understanding of the building of Europe, and of their common yet diverse cultural heritage, especially related to the democratic values and human rights that underpin the process of European integration. In this way the European Heritage Label would also help to bring citizens closer to Europe.
So what sort of places are they going to attach this thing to?
‘that a European heritage label should be established with a view to emphasising the European dimension of cultural goods, monuments, memorial sites, and places of remembrance, which all bear witness to Europe’s history and heritage’.
Places of Rememberance!! What! They are planning to stick a glossy label onto something like the Menin Gate and claim that the hundreds and thousands of British and Commonwealth troops died for that apogee of mankind's social development, the European Union. Or will they instead attach the self same token to the walls of Auschwitz, claiming that the millions who dies in the holocaust died so that Herman van Rompuy could skittle across the world stage?
Witterings from Witney notes the ultimate aim of these little blue placques:
"First, the initiative will be based on the European narrative of these sites and their symbolism for Europe, rather than aesthetics. Second, the focus will not be on conservation, but on the promotion of the sites and access to them, which includes providing good explanations on the European significance of the sites and organising educational activities, with special attention to young people."
Do note the words: 'with special attention to young people'!
So now the EUnion is about to rewrite history in its own image... Why does that have the hairs in the back of my neck standing up?

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