Denier Day!

Via Gawain, this absolutely brilliant idea by Grumpy Old Twat:
I recently watched some PowerSmart climate change tv commercials and they kind of got me thinking .... why should it just be the tree hugging, tofu eating, warmists that have their own climate change events. You know the sort of thing..... save this, stop using that, poor ickle polar bear days .... and shit. And who can forget those 10:10 eco terrorists, with their day of global doing, including that video which threatened to blow up up anyone (including children) that didn't believe in all that man made global warming bollocks.

So... "fuck it!", I thought ..... how about a climate change Deniers Day?

A chance for the rest of us to display our total disregard for that 'science is settled' nonsense and turn things on their head. A day where, instead of saving 10%, we can go about our normal everyday business using an extra 100% or more .....
There's even a video:

This is where the rebellion starts! So, when is it?

BTW, Gawain has some other news inducing a healthy amount of Schadenfreude: Electric cars sales fall off a cliff.
Just 55 of the green cars – whose fans include Boris Johnson, Jonathan Ross and Jade Jagger – were registered in 2009, in contrast to 397 in 2007, says the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Yes that is 55 out of 2,000,000!
The wheels are coming off the bandwagon, it seems.

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