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Latest news: The CDA part conference just (17:12 hours local time) adopted the resolution of the CDA party board allowing the CDA fraction to continue forming a government on the basis the accords presented last Thursday.

[UPDATE001] Exact vote count: Total number of votes 4033, 2759 ayes (68%), 1274 nays (32%). A two-third majority! A clear mandate if there ever was one.

[UPDATE002] Reporting in EN from DutchNews.nl, though I fail to see the importance of the size of the minority here. Had 51% of the attendees voted against the new cabinet, I've a feeling not much of an issue would have been made of those other 49%. Sheez...

Today saw the all important CDA party conference, in Arnhem. As predicted the attendance was much more then usual. As not predicted: In stead of 3,000 attendees, 5,000 CDA members turned up to have their say and vote.

Most of the speakers were not in favour of the new cabinet. However, the majority of these indicated that the current accords are good accords, representing a lot of points in line with the CDA program. But, completely denying the current political realities, most of these speakers apparently considered themselves members of the 'resistance after the war', painting the PVV as the new Nazi party and Geert Wilders as its leader. Ironically, most of those against the new accords were the ones, that emphasized muslims and islam, even as these two words do not appear once in the accords.

Hero of the day was CDA fraction member Cörüz, himself a muslim, who made a personal appeal to the conference, which was applauded extensively, to vote for the Danish cabinet and let the fraction get on with the job. He said that Wilders, nor the PVV are the problem. The problem, according him, are those 1.5 million who voted for the PVV and Geert Wilders and the PVV. We need to address the questions and issues of them, he said.

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