I am Spartac... I mean: Geert

A new initiative was set up last week: The "I'm Geert Wilders" campaign.
[The campaign] exists to promote and support the work of those campaigning for free speech, and against the travesty that is the Wilders trial.

We do this by making videos of ourselves saying, "I'm Geert Wilders!" and sending these either by email to imgeertwilders@gmail.com or uploading them to YouTube and sending them to the campaign's main YouTube page youtube.com/imgeertwilders.

If we receive enough videos we will edit them into a viral video on the eve of the Wilders trial verdict, November 4th 2010. At that point the campaign will finish, and the Fan Page will cease being updated.
As is stated on the Facebook Info page, there's a dedicated YouTube-channel where all and sundry are stating their being the PVV leader. Like this deliciously sinister fellow (p).

Just passing this along...

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