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Isn't this just typical of the EUnion? The minutes of the toy European parliament are trying to hide a confrontation between Turkish minister of European Affairs Egemen Bagis and MEP for the PVV Barry Madlener, so reports De Volkskrant (NL).

The confrontation between Bagis and Madlener took place last May in a meeting between Turkish and EUnion parliamentarians. During that meeting Madlener asked some pointed questions about the refusal of the Turkish government to meet with a delegation of Dutch parliament that included Geert Wilders.
You are good friends with Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad, while you shun my party's leader. It is a disgrace.
Bagis is reported as answering:
Racism is a dangerous disease from which Europe suffers much. It is clear there are still people suffering from it. Mr Madlener, we will cure you.
According to Madlener this was the most noteworthy moment of the meeting, yet someone scouring the minutes would look in vain for it.

Thomas GrĂ¼nert, secretary of the EP, says the remarks made by the Turkish minister were not included, because it wasn't 'really a political point'. According to him it was something personal between the Bagis and Madlener.
We didn't think it was in the interest of the governance of the European Union to emphasise the confrontation between the Turkish minister and Madlener.
In the meantime Madlener, understandably miffed, is taking this incident quite seriously. 'I am not a racist. I am against Turkey joining the European Union, and I am critical if islam. That doesn't make me a racist'. He is asking for inclusion of the confrontation in the minutes: 'Minutes should be an honest reflection of what was said'.

Evidently the EUnion begs to differ...

[UPDATE001] The point of this thread was of course the EUnions decidedly creepy way of trying to chuck down the memory hole episodes that might threaten the 'narrative' it needs to reach its goals (remember: 'We didn't think it was in the interest of the governance of the European Union...').

However, reader Bernd brings up another point I had not entirely missed, but nevertheless failed to comment on: Minister Bagis' sinister promise to Barry Madlener that 'we will cure you'. What did the dear minister mean by that? Who is this 'we' he speaks of? And why did not the toy parliament protest against the veiled threats against one of its own members? Thoughts may be left in the comments...

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