Meanwhile in Berlin...

... the man causing such tension at the CDA party conference was in Berlin to give a speech.

German daily Die Welt (D) was surprised to find a reasonable man and not a raging hatemonger foaming at the mouth.
Wilders speaks in German with a light accent. He delivers his speech from a sheet. Friendly in tone, and mostly business-like, he sounds not so much as the demagogue he can also be, but more like a schoolteacher at a graduation ceremony. A spectre is going around Europe, he says, paraphrasing Karl Marx, and that spectre is called islamisation.
Wilders rejected the criticism that Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel levelled against the new 'Danish' cabinet. He accused her of cowardice and being intimidated by islam. 'We are not like Frau Merkel', he told those present, 'we will never accept islamisation'. According to Die Welt Wilders received a minutes-long standing ovation.

(h/t Joost Niemöller)

[UPDATE001] The text of the speech here. Meanwhile, Elsevier says (NL) there were under-cover police officers at the gathering to intervene and break up the meeting if 'the boundaries of freedom of speech were exceeded'. A day before the meeting the Berlin police dispatched a letter to René Stadtkewitz, organizer of the event, to exert a 'moderating' influence on Wilders. Make of it what you will...

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