Mohammed, Mohamed and Muhammed II

Mohammed is now the most popular given name for newborn boys in England and Wale, according to the Daily Express. The press release (pdf) by the UK Office for National Statistics tries to spin it out positively:
Mohammed was at number 16 nationally, but was the most popular boys’ name in the West Midlands.
However, the Express notes:
The name [Muhammed], when 12 different spellings were included, was given to 7,549 youngsters in 2009, official statistics reveal.

Oliver was the second most popular and it was given to 7,364 boys in England and Wales. Jack – which had been the top name for baby boys for the previous 14 years – was third, Harry fourth and Alfie in fifth place.

Because official figures did not take into account the variations in the spelling of Mohammed, Oliver was officially named as the most popular boys’ name by the Office of National Statistics.
A similar situation as in our damp corner of the world, then.

As I was wondering back then: Is it me, or does the fact that second and third generation immigrants of muslim descent so massively name their children after the founder of their religion/ideology hint at a certain unwillingness to integrate and an in-your-face kind of mind-set?

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