Pachauri stays

The U.N. panel of climate scientists agreed on Thursday to push ahead with reforms after errors in a 2007 report and chairman Rajendra Pachauri rejected suggestions he should step down. That is what Reuters is reporting. Some more background can be found in the BBC's reporting (via WUWT).

Rajendra K. Pachauri is of course the noted climatologist railway engineer under whose watch the IPCC became embroiled in 'gate' after 'gate'. After taking the credit for the IPCC's work by accepting the Nobel peace price, this lame excuse of a man ducked responsibility for the many 'mistakes' in the IPCC AR4 report by saying “It’s the work of independent authors... they’re responsible”. And I am not even going into the corruption of biblical proportions that has taken hold of this man.

And this is the man that will lead the IPCC into the publication of the next IPCC report. Dr. North thinks it a win-win situation. The discredited charlatan can lead his failed institution to its ultimate nemesis with the production of its next climate change report. With him in charge, its credibility is already fatally damaged. There is nothing worthwhile to be added to this succinct assessment.

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