A second Trial against Wilders

Fitna hate preacher Fawaz
Next Wednesday a second trial against Wilders will start in civilian court. The well known Syrian but Lebanese-born imam Jneid Fawaz has filed a court case against the politician and demands 55.000 euro for damages done by Fitna. He can be seen in Fitna (10:48-11:03) saying on Dutch national television:
"In the Netherlands, for example, one is
allowed to commit adultery or to be gay.
But I don’t feel called upon
to be a party to that, because islam
considers something like that a crime"
--Fawaz Jneid

Sheik Fawaz Jneid now appears to be claiming the money for personality rights and for damage incured by defaming him. He is the well known imam whose as-Sunnah mosque mosque is described by the Dutch intelligence service as a place of dawa, a place for democracy undermining activities. In a book titled: Salaam (NL) from reporter Patrick Pouw, the mosque is depicted as a radical salafi center attracting Muslim youngsters from all over The Netherlands. Law professor Afshin Ellian, in 2006, even named the mosques imam the most influential radial imam (NL) of The Netherlands. The imam denies this and presents him self as the solution against radicalism, because he channels the anger of the Dutch muslim community, by giving it a voice.

BTW Fawaz Jneid does speak Dutch, but refuses to do so in public .

Fawaz Jneid was also called as an expert witness by Geert Wilders but has been rejected by the court that handles the current trial against Wilders. He is also the imam who cursed Theo van Gogh in a sermon a few weeks before he was slaughtered by Mohammed Bouyeri. That same Mohammed Bouyeri was also attending this particular sermon and has heard the imam ask Allah:
"Cause Van Gogh a disease which all the inhabitants of the earth are unable to cure. Cause him suffering making him long for death. Blind the sight of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, give her brains a cancer. Give her tongue a cancer."

Andrew G. Bostom at the American Thinker recalls what the response of Geert Wilders was when in 2008 shortly after the release of Fitna the imam claimed 'damages':
"This hateful imam has cursed [former MP and Islam critic] Ayaan Hirsi Ali, [filmmaker and assassinated Islam critic] Theo van Gogh and [Iranian-born law professor] Afshin Ellian. And he has said the most terrible things. He shouts louder than a pig. I'm not going to pay him a single dime."

The new motto in The Netherlands? I guess it is: Freedom Of Speech for some! Insha'Allah!

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