The snarling, homicidal misanthropy beneath the bunny-hugging - updated

The title of this post is gleaned from the latest by James Delingpole: Eco-fascism jumps the shark: massive, epic fail!

The column deals with the backlash building against a video produced by 10:10, a warmist outfit from the UK. In the words of 10:10 itself:
Shot on 35mm by a 40-strong professional film crew led by director Dougal Wilson, “No Pressure” celebrates everybody who is actively tackling climate change… by blowing up those are aren’t.
The video is graphic and rather vile in its display of contempt for human life. It also is a spectacular own-goal for the warmist camp.

More on this story can be found here. Richard North of EURef sheds his considerable light here and here.

In the mean time the video has been taken down only a full day after its initial release. A distinction that didn't even befall Fitna. The crew of 10:10 offered a 'Sorry', but Anthony Watts says: "sorry" just doesn't cut it.

[UPDATE001] The issue now has its own name: Splattergate. Mr. North is wondering if it's the new Climategate. Whether Splattergate will do for NGO's what Climategate did for (or is it 'to'?) climate science.

One thing is sure, the 10:10 campaign received a jolly deal more then they bargained for. See here and here, for instance. In the mean time major sponsor Sony has dissociated itself from the 10:10 campaign, saying the video is 'ill-conceived and in extremely bad taste'. Even the greenies are running for the hills, as this overview on WUWT will show.

There is a Dutch chapter to the 10:10 campaign. Quite naturally this local chapter is lead by disgraced former MP Wijnand Duyvendak. There is just no getting of rid of some people, no matter how much one wishes. The Dutch chapter if the 10:10 campaign has its own set of corporate sponsors:

ASN Bank
Trouw (why am I not surprised...)

You may want to contact some or all of these four (contact pages at the links) to share your feelings about the video 'No Pressure', or the fact that they materially contributed to this maniacal piece of crap.

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