A tin ear

Just how out of touch the people ensconced within the large, bloated and useless tranzi machinery really are was illustrated today by two news items in the Netherlands.

First, there was UN secretary-general, Ban Ki Moon, who in a speech to the toy parliament compared anti-immigration politicians to Nazi's (NL).
The top man of the UN even drew comparisons to the second world war when he pointed out that 'the darkest pages of Europe's history (...) are written in such language', referring to political programs of anti-immigration parties.
I don't think there is a need to point out, how this intellectually lazy policor cliché glosses over the myriad problems that European NATIONS are saddled with. One would like to invite Ban to spend a fortnight living in Slotervaart or Ondiep and let him experience first hand who are, and who are not, the violent scum that make life miserable for all around.

Second, there is the inappropriately jolly reporting of the NOS about the EUnion wanting to introduce direct EUnion taxes (NL).
The European Union has made proposals for an own tax that will be collected directly from citizens. This refers to VAT, an energy tax and a corporate tax. (...)

With a European tax the national contributions could be lowered, said Alain
Lamassoure, president of the budget commission of the European parliament, last week.
The BBC is reporting here.

Is anybody able to point out the 'either from the trouser pocket or the jacket pocket' nature of this proposal? Yet the plan is presented as if we EUnion serfs have something to gain with this plan. And in the middle of what is more and more shaping up to be the dark side of a business cycle, the EUnion is actively out to impoverish us even further. Without even having the decency to hand over some representation in return.

'No taxation without representation', remember? That is what sparked the American Revolution. And increasingly it looks like 250 years on that particular tiff will see a do-over in Europe. I for one, at least, felt like throttling someone. And there must be more out there like me.

Inevitably, these two examples pint out the tin ear with which your average tranzi robotnick hears the world around him. And the question is now: Who will rid us of these troublesome civil servants? Who will have the audacity to withdraw us from these costly but useless affairs? Who will stand up and chose the people over a well-paid but dead-end job? And most importantly: Who will realize all this BEFORE the inevitable bloodshed (based on historical precedent) commences?

[UPDATE001] The text of the Ban Ki Moon speech is here. The original quote is:
“Some play on people’s fears. They seek to invoke liberal values for illiberal causes. They accuse immigrants of violating European values. Yet too often, it is the accusers who subvert these values – and thus the very idea of what it means to be a citizen of the European Union,” he said.

Europe’s darkest chapters have been written in language such as this. Today, the primary targets are immigrants of the Muslim faith. Europe cannot afford stereotyping that closes minds and breeds hatred. And the world cannot afford a Europe that does this.”

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