This seems to be a classic case of co-ordination. On the day that van Rompuy declared the days of the nation-state to be over, in the Dutch MSM much was made of the founding of the Spinelli Group (list of membership here).

On of its more prominent members are that other deeply 'federalist' Belgian, Guy Verhofstadt and leader of the European Greens and soixant-huitard Daniel Cohn-Bendit (the one that had the arrogance to place himself above a real head of state, president Vaclav Klaus). As van Rompuy was making his anti-nationalist statements in Berlin, the group thought it opportune to admonish the Dutch (NL), with Verhofstadt expressing his dismay over the support our current government enjoys from Geert Wilders' PVV. Anoter leading light, Groen-Links MEP Judith Sargentini just had to add "Also in the Netherlands we now see a government with a supporting party that turns its back towards Europe. Europe is however the solution to many of the problems we are facing, like the economic crisis".

That particular solution, of course, was preached by her boss, van Rompuy in Berlin at around the same time the Dutch press releases for the Spinelli group were handed out: We destroy the nation-state and all will be well.

The Spinelli Group, in case your wondering, was founded to 'oppose nationalism and populism'. It hopes to attract academics and authors to give form to a pro-European (pro-EUnion) atmosphere. The group is named after Altiero Spinelli, who's wikipedia entry starts of in a totally NOT surprising way:
Spinelli was born in Rome, and joined the Italian Communist Party (PCI)
Quite tiresome in its predictability, isn't it?

Elsewhere, the arrogant and rather sinister statements by van Rompuy, announcing the end of the nation-state, failed to make even a tiny splash in the Dutch media. Not one single source of our 'creditable' MSM thought it worthy to report the news that, by the words of its (not mine!) president, the EUnion isolated Euro-sceptics as the enemies of Europe leading us into war.

There is a precedent in history, that when a part of the population is declared an 'enemy', this 1) is not done by stable, democratic, benign forms of government and 2) doesn't bode well for the health and welfare of members of said group.

That our own MSM fails to register the words by the EUnion president, and fails to recognize the ominous implications of both these words and the initiative started in co-ordination, is just a little more proof that the MSM is just another arm of our would-be oppressors, is just as much an enemy of the people as van Rompuy is. Fourth estate as fifth column, indeed.

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