Beyond a happy ending

The great betrayal that is the EUnion saw a quickening pace last week, as the links given here-after will make clear. The curious thing is: It has little to do with our damp corner of the world in a direct sense. And yet it has everything to do with us. The EUnion has started moves to set up its own army, its own budgets and its own (hugely costly) foreign service. The latter, by its very construction, inadvertently reveals a fourth issue: Turkey *will* become a EUnion member, no matter what we, the people, may think.

But first things first:

EU Army:
Sold out!
Missing the point of military cooperation with France
The aliens take over
UK takes first step into EU Army
March of the euroslime
Has The Time Come For Talking To Cease
Ian Parker-Joseph: Anglo/French Brigade latest

The gist of these are this: In a rather transparent ploy to pretend national sovereign decisions of military co-operation France and the UK have signed a deal to share military resources. The symbol, if you will, are the UK aircraft carriers, that will house Franch Rafales and not, as was originally the plan, US-bought F35 Joint Strike Fighters.

However, as the last link in the list above will show: The paw prints and rotten smell of the EUnion are all over this dishonourable, mendacious deal. In fact, the ploy is so obvious that much of the bloggers furious anger is not directed at van Rompuy or Barosso, but at their own national political leaders (Sarkozy and Cameron), who have prostituted themselves for their bit parts in this play. And indeed, calls for open revolt are getting louder. See, for instance Autonomous Mind:
Without being melodramatic there is only one word for such behaviour and that is treachery. When are people going to shake themselves out of their slumber and stand up against the dismantling of this country?
EU Budget:
The EU and our money
Cameron’s EU betrayal
Compare and contrast

Basically this is the same story as would have been told here in the Netherlands, where PM Mark Rutte was crowing victory in much the same manner as the Boy King tried to do. Sadly, Rutte did get away with it, with nobody in the MSM or Dutch blogosphere taking him to task for this ridiculous preening and prancing. Reading the commentary in the links above would be a good exercise in imagining what a Dutch media could look like, were they not already married to the political system of both The Hague and Brussels.

What makes this story so striking: The increase in annual budget (and the rescue mechanism being made permanent. Don't forget that cute little addition) call for an amendment of the Turnip. So this marks the first time the EUnion is exercising the "self-amending" property of the Turnip, a trait we warned against three years ago, but were told this was 'just words on paper'. But now we are staring to see what those words actually mean for us commoners: Higher tax burdens, more money going to the undeserving, and not to our beleaguered education, health or security sectors. In the midst of severe budget cuts even. It's the shamelessness of it all that is so galling.

EU Foreign Service:
National Embassies left with "a lot of consular work" says Ashton

The most infuriating quote in this post is:
That the biggest EU diplomatic posting will be to Turkey with 132 staff, all working feverishly for this country's accession, while the vast majority of European peoples oppose Turkish entry, shows that this EU diplomatic service is there to serve the views of the EU political elites and not the people of Europe.
The quote makes abundantly lies in store, no matter how much we protest: Turkey will become a EUnion member. Even if a majority of the citizens of member states making up the EUnion do not want Turkey to join. This has absolutely no bearing on the EUnions policy, because the EUnion is there to serve itself, not its citizens. We are serfs, as far as the EUnion is concerned, only there to shut up and pay our taxes.

Soon, very soon, we will see our respective national leaders submit to EUnion claims for direct taxes. The 2.9 % increase in annual budget is not enough. The EUnion has set its sights on those for some time now, with the calls getting louder. So, the above aren't the last instances of betrayal. There is more to follow. And it will all be based on lies and more lies. Our politicals insistently tell us 'I'm not touching you!', while we're being raped.

In the mean time the quiet resentment among the citizens is growing and festering. Things have progressed passed a point of no return, I think. These loathsome cretins have got it into their head that they are invincible, that they are able to fulfil their grand designs with impunity. They have stopped listening, because we keep saying things they do not want to hear, and because they think we won't be able to get in the way. History shows that such is a very dangerous state of affairs, one that usually ends with an unnecessary amount of bloodshed. I fear that this particular tale is now beyond a happy ending.

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