The blessings of a welfare state

Second generation Immigrants in Europe are de-assimilating. That is the conclusion one must draw from a paper new paper about immigration and assimilation in Europe. The paper includes data on employment rate of first and second generation non-European immigrants in the 3 major European countries of France, Germany and U.K. (emphasis in the original)
For women, the second generation is slowly assimilating. Whereas the first generation works 35% less than natives, the second generation works 27% less than natives, an improvement of 8 percentage points. (the figures are the non-weighted, arithmetic mean of the 3 countries, below I have put data in each one).

For men however the trend is the opposite. The second generation non-European immigrants are less likely to work than the previous generation! While the first generation work 10% less than natives, the second generation works 24% less, a deterioration of 14 percentage points.

So things are getting worse in the 3 largest European countries, not better.
The reason why the second generation does worse then the first may be even more disturbing, what with the implications for the immediate future of Western society:
Another, more troubling possibility is that the second generation are assimilating into a completely new culture. This is not the standard, successful western-European culture, but a new kind of mixed ghetto culture that emphasizes grievances, hostility to the host society, weak norms and a lack of a work ethic.
Which seems to be reason number 10e-6 + 3 to dismantle the welfare state.

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