Breaking: Plot for attack in Belgium thwarted

A plot for a terrorist attack in Belgium has been thwarted by the arrest of 10 people in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have been arrested. They have Dutch, Belgian, Moroccan and Russian nationality. The three arrested in Amsterdam-Osdorp were of Moroccan descent, according to Elsevier (NL). The men, aged 25, 26 and 28, have been under observation for some time and now face extradition to Belgium.

The would-be terrorists arrested in Antwerp, Belgium are Moroccan and Chechen. Three of them are member of Sharia 4 Belgium, an jihadist outfit founded by the infamous Anjem Choudary, according to Belgian newspaper De Standaard (NL, which also has a video of the arrest of one of the Antwerp suspects).

'There was not yet a specific target for the plot,' according to a statement by the public prosecutor. 'The investigation also focused on recruiters, candidate jihad fighters and the funding of a Chechen terror organisation called the Caucasian Emirate'. A spokeswoman for the counter terrorism unit NCTb said there was no threat to attack targets in the Netherlands. Nor is it connected to the current alert in Germany.

According to the BBC reporting police had investigated both the alleged plot to attack Belgium, and alleged recruitment and fundraising for a Chechen militant group called "Caucasus Emirate". It was not immediately clear if this was a reference to the radical militants fighting to carve an Islamist state out of the Russian North Caucasus region.

[UPDATE001] Sharia 4 Belgium is mostly known for the disruption of a lecture by Dutch/Belgian writer Benno Barnard entitled 'Long live God, away with Allah'. At the time Gates of Vienna reported about the incident. Video of the evnt in here.

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