Dutch version of: "How to talk to a liberal"

Martin Bosma - How to talk to a Dutch liberal
Parliamentary member Martin Bosma of Geert Wilders his party for freedom (PVV) now has a column in the leftist Dutch newspaper named NRC. In his first column (NL) Bosma shows us how to talk to a liberal (if you must):

You’re tolerant, until it drives you crazy.

Let's not fool each other: "we don't like each other". According to you I am a populist. I'm extreme right. I incite hatred. Secretly I'm against democracy and really deep down I'm actually a fascist. If tomorrow they discover photos of me in lederhosen and a straightened right arm, you will say: "you see, I told you so. White trash."

It's not only that you don't like me. You also begrudge that I have a job. If only NRC subscribers would be eligible to vote (be honest: you sometimes dream about that), then my party only would get 4 seats. As I'm fifth on the party list, I would not be in parliament today.

You're preferences are different: the Green party (GroenLinks) and left-liberals (D66) would receive 51 seats. (With 37 seats for the Socialist (PvdA) you would make the socialist leader, Job Cohen, the new prime minister). That completely fits your lifestyle: the environmental friendly Toyota Prius, the ecological second home in Toscana, golf weekends with friends in London. For you the Islam is not a problem what so ever. Come on. You’re tolerant! And to proof it, you give that sympathetic Moroccan that delivers this newspaper an extra fat Christmas tip at the end of the year. You have zero tolerance for xenophobia.

And your children? Do you expose them to your multicultural ideals and do you drop them of each morning at half past 8 at that school full of immigrant children? Is your Charlotte, Seraphina or Henry having fun in a class full of Mohammed's and Ali's?
Ho, ho. Let's don’t lose our minds! If push comes to shove, you drive your trendy Dutch cargo tricycle just a few blocks further. That of course, has nothing to do with those Muslims over there, because you're not a racist. No. It’s because of that computer practice room. Or was it the color of the wallpaper or something like that? You're friends at the Minerva fraternity or at the local left liberal D66 section, nod understandingly. They understand, because they do the very same thing.

I just agree with everything you will disagree. I think multiculturalism is terrible. I don't like head scarfs and mosques. I don't believe in the climate hype and I think Al Gore is a charlatan. I get sick of Obama. But Christianity is a beautiful thing. I see EU nationalism as the reincarnation of the Soviet Union. And I have framed pictures of Regan, Solzjenitsyn and Jabotinsky on my work room walls.

I rather read Hayek and Ayn Rand than that I read Keynes and Etty (known Dutch leftwing columnist). I am pro-Israel (extreme right colonist leaders, as this paper likes to call them, are people that I like to visit). My solidarity is with the last people in Transvaal or Tarwewijk, not with the elites who send us millions of Muslims in our back yards. I also don't think that we should be proud that in The Netherlands we do not find one culture better than another. Because Dutch people don't believe that at all, it's something only the Dutch elite like to believe.

I also wrote it in my book "De schijn elite van de Valse Munters", that we are not just politicians, we are also missionaries.
That's why I wrote a book, that’s the reason for Fitna, that's why my party leader Geert Wilders is traveling the globe. And that’s why I write this dissident column every three weeks in this leftist newspaper.

Despite everything, I don't quit. You're also just a victim, of your upbringing, your education and your environment.

But I must admit, it’s unfortunate about those subscription cancelations because of this column. Well what can I say? Leftist people always like to be very tolerant, unless it's about people with a different opinion. Many others left De Volkskrant newspaper when they started publish more about those 'wrong ideas'. Reporters Joris Linssen and Kees Driehuis of the public broadcaster openly complained that the Volkskrant had too many ‘Wilders stories’.
All these people that then have fled to this paper, might now flee back again. I don't hope so, but there is nothing I can do about that. One could compare their fate with the Dutch people who have fled when their street or neighborhood gets taken over by the multicultural society. This way, multiculturalism gets us all on the move.

This column of Martin Bosma of the Party for Freedom is the second episode of a political exchange column. Last week Femka Halsema of the Greens started the first and next week Ton Elias of the liberal party will write on this location write. Every Wednesday one of them will write his column here.

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