As the Irish deal completely failed to calm the markets, a slight feeling of panic takes a hold of Euro Intelligence: "We at Eurointelligence consider a default of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal a done deal".
The same pattern again. The EU agrees a pact, and the markets are panicking. This time it took them only a few hours. The EU’s credibility is sinking with each agreement.

We are now fast approach default time. Yields have been rising in Spain and even Italy yesterday afternoon, and the situation continued to deteriorate overnight. We at Eurointelligence consider a default of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal a done deal. The question is only now whether Spain can scrape through. Since the higher interest rates themselves have a massively adverse impact on the situation, the probability of a Spanish default/restructuring are increasing by the hour. Italy and Belgium have also made it on the Richter scale of investors – and there are extreme external scenarios under which the solvency of both countries could be also be questioned.
A sentiment which is echoed by the Financial Times: Insolvent – Greece, Ireland, Portugal and probably Spain.

Hang on to your seats everyone. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

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DP111 zei

You are right. Geert Wilders is a very nice human being, even though the LeftLibs and the BBC refer to him as EXTREME RIGHT.

All it will take is one man to catch the right mood with the right message, and all hell will break lose.

Muslims have to leave Holland, and the West in general. There is no other way to avoid a civil war. The later one leaves it, the greater will be the conflagration, and the greater will be the chance that quite innocent people will be harmed.

gilpatric zei

Wilders is a very good man, but events are outpacing any political solution. I hope the Europeans are still capable of producing talented and ruthless tribal leaders.

Rhtl410 zei

Holland is a disaster waiting to happen. How did that lovely country get to be 'invaded' by about 1 million Muslims!? The whole thing is incomprehensible to me. To even say Holland and Muslims in the same breath is Kafkaesque. It's like a horrifyingly bad movie.
To turn Holland around and make it normal again requires a person of great stature. Geert Wilders is that person. He is the only Dutchman who can clean up the ungodly multi-cultural mess created by traiterous lefties.
Let's hope that the Dutch PEOPLE appreciate Wilder's greatness, and support him, and the PVV, in huge numbers.
Geert for Prime Minister!


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