Ever more costly

In the Battle for the Budget we today had MEP Martin Schutz (p), leader of the socialist fraction of the toy parliament, making an attempt (NL) to appeal to the 'better judgement' of the government, and grant the toy parliament the powers of the EU budget they so covet.
It is not in the interest of the Netherlands as a trading nation if there is no money for a European diplomatic service.
Wut? Evidently the EUnion is trying to get its filthy mitts on more of our money to pay for what in essence would be the EUnions Foreign Ministry.

But how, pray tell, are the interests of the Netherlands going to be served by diplomats of a mercantilist, corporatist, wealth destroying entity that, by the words of its own president, is out to destroy nation states, including the Netherlands? There is absolutely no interest that could be served better by a EUnion diplomatic corps the our own body of Dutch diplomats. The fear that EUnion trade diplomacy may be detrimental to Dutch interest are not unfounded.

In fact, a good case could be made for getting out of the infernal 'European project' on trade policies alone. As told by MEP Roger Helmer, a former Industry Commissioner admitted that the regulations that must be complied with in the Single Market cost 5.5% of GDP, while the benefit of “free” trade within the Single Market are estimated by the previous Trade Commissioner,Peter Mandelson, at 1.8% GDP. That is: The costs incurred by complying with Single Market rules exceed the benefits three times over. What is that about the EUnion bringing prosperity? That seems to be brought only to the midgets and monsters in the halls of Brussels and Strassbourg, apparently.

But I digress. Mr. Schulz on the one hand tried some sweet talk about both CDA and VVD being respectable parties that 'have governed the Netherlands for decades'. Lauding PM Mark Ruttes reputation Schulz said he was 'quite optimistic', On the other he did his best to vilify the PVV, saying VVD and CDA are letting themselves become dependent on the PVV which 'is only out to destroy'. Giving in to his frustrations about the PVV and the way it is set up he wondered why none of the other fraction members are PVV members: 'Is it because they do not colour their hair?'.

Evidently, Schultz was trying to drive a wedge between the coalition and the PVV, ass-kissing the CDA and VVD while telling them what a frightful little part the PVV really is. That is to be expected. Schulz is a socialist and to a dedicated socialist the mere existence of a Geert Wilders, who choses freedom over Big State government, is anathema. But the way he goes about it defines him as a weasly little man. One a gentleman would not want to be seen in public with.

Elsewhere, the toy parliament had a plenary session on the Budget today. While there Mr. Schulz made it quite clear where he's heading.
The discussion is not about money anymore but about the direction in which the EU is developing. It is about the rights of Parliament as reflected in the Treaty of Lisbon... We are elected to deal with the EU and its budget. Now the national governments want control and monitor us. That is the wrong way around!
You got that? National governments wanting to control the money going to the EUnion and monitor its use, that is the wrong way around. The right way around, according to this weasel, is evidently the EP telling national governments how much tax money they require without governments asking stupid questions about accounts that are not approved even by EUnion accountants year after year after year.

In that same session El Presidente, Manuel Barroso, made a promise that is going to cost us, sad little EUnion subjects, even more dearly.
We will use our right of initiative to put forward proposals on own resources before the end of next June.
Which means that next summer, when everybody is off to the beach and reporting on EUnion affairs is at its yearly low, the EUnion will introduce the dreaded EUnion tax. And per Turnip there is not a damn thing national governments, or indeed the people, will be able to do about it, once the EUnion 'institutions' decide.

We said it was coming... The EUnion is becoming ever more costly. When are people going to rise up and say 'ENOUGH'!

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