Forewarned is forearmed

You may have noticed it. Or maybe you haven't. You will start noticing after reading this post, I hope. There's a new buzz word cropping up in daily news shows and current events programs. And it is a word you should be extremely wary of: 'Biodiversity'.

With global warming (a.k.a climate change) having jumped the shark (see this on EURef for instance), the forces of evil are looking for the next big thing to use as a club to beat you over the head with. The same tranzi machinery is busily working away to give form to the club in this particular case, as Hillary Ostrov reports.

It is the same all over again, with the predictable and false choice (or fallacy of the excluded middle): You are either for biodiversity, or you are against it. If you are for, you're a loving, sensitive and complete human being taking care of the planet. If your not for, you're egocentric, sub-human scum that kills bunnies and sets puppies alight, just for kicks.

But, this time it'll be different. With climate change the 'narrative' came to fruition before the internet really took off. This time the blogosphere is right there in the maternity ward, seeing the tranzi spawn and reporting what it observes, without the dark side having the privilege of 'framing the narrative'.

Delingpole has some pertinent advise: When you hear the word 'Biodiversity' reach for your Browning. Just so you know. As we say in Holland: A person warned counts for two.

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