It is with great sadness

... that we bring you the news that this week Climate Change gasped its last breath and departed.

Suffering a growing number of complaints in the preceding years, particularly those of weakness of the hockey stick, Climate Change (CC to friends and foes) suddenly fell ill late 2009, after the publication of the Climategate emails. CC's condition worsened all through this year, suffering from IPCC report failure and increasingly toxic discharges from the worm-like growths that CC's condition seemed to spawn.

With its Chicago Carbon Exchange shutting down, the final blow, as reported by the Scientific American (p), came when CC experienced a sudden and dramatic drop in public pressure and a terminally failing credibility. After a sickbed of just over a year Climate Change, also known as (Anthropogenic) Global Warming, finally succumbed this week to the long-term effects of over-hyping, profound politicization and general misleading.

CC will not be missed by many. However, it must be observed that those that do fanatically cling onto its presence and have still to come to terms with reality. CC's closest family and friends are in deep denial over this tragedy, even if only from shock of realizing the substantial loss in personal revenue and power that CC's demise will entail. It is to be hoped that what will prevail is the decency to organize a proper burial. At the very least those closest to CC should refrain from a macabre re-enactment of  "Weekend at Bernie's", trotting out CC's decaying remains at their many engagements.

But somehow I doubt this is the last time we are made to view that rotten corpse...

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