Legalism versus legitimacy

We may yet be able to fight back against EUnion usurpation in a civilized manner: PVV considers referendum if Lisbon treaty does not suit.
If proposals to amend the Lisbon Treaty do not meet the demands of the PVV, the party will consider calling for a referendum, PVV MP Louis Bontes said on Tuesday.

EU leaders agreed last week that the treaty may be amended in order to set up a permanent rescue fund for the euro.

Bontes, who is the party's spokesman on EU affairs, is to raise the issue with prime minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday evening.

While details of the amendments are not yet known, Bontes said if the PVV does not accept them, the party is prepared to ask voters what they think via a referendum.

The SP has also said it supports a referendum if the treaty is amended.
(Gawain has more)

In terms of the Turnip it probably doesn't matter a whole damn lot what the PVV wants. And holding a referendum may be pointless in a legal sense. Then again, having been voted down in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, the Turnip doesn't hold any legitimacy, even if it is legal. That is perhaps what the fight will amount to: Legalism versus legitimacy. In a just world the winner would be clear. The question is: How just is the world we inhabit?

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