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Bishop Hill brings us news that in the US the investigation of Climategate is going on the back-burner: No US Climategate probe?
Darrell Issa, the Republican leader who has in the past demanded a probe into Climategate appears to have backtracked rather. According to The Hill, Issa is now saying that while he thinks there needs to be an inquiry into the emails, this will not be his top priority.
That is a bit of bad news. It it may however, be an indication that Mr. Issa has some bigger fish to fry. In his latest dispatch, the White House Insider, featured on KV earlier here, notes the White House is scared of Mr. Issa. Referring to a scandal that is still very much under the surface, but threatening to blow open, he writes:
WH staff involved in serious protective plan for President regarding incoming scandal. Very fearful of Issa. Told [White House] reps have already visited Issa office several times since election. Promises made? Issa is bright and loves attention. Could prove formidable vs White House. Staff sent to Chicago this past week and DA is heading there on more permanent basis in coming weeks. Why? Why indeed. PAY ATTENTION.
Could it be that Mr. Darrell Issa is clearing his desk for a job that is even bigger then going after those that perpetrated the Climategate scam?

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