Moving into evil territory

The influence of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) in the general assembly of the UN is making itself felt in increasingly disturbing fashion. Where once the UN was the paladin for Universal Human Rights, it is now moving in a direction that is decidedly evil: UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people were once again subject to the whims of homophobia and religious and cultural extremism this week, thanks to a United Nations vote that removed “sexual orientation” from a resolution that protects people from arbitrary executions. In other words, the UN General Assembly this week voted to allow LGBT people to be executed without cause.
Via Eeyore on Vlad Tepes, who adds:
I would like to offer the following to all who were surprised by the vote.

Stop studying Marxism to the exclusion of all else. Have a look at the largest voting block at the UN, specifically the OIC and its agenda. Ask yourself why the UN and UN HRC is so lopsidedly against Israel in every way. Then ask yourself what gay rights are like within Israel and in the 50 odd Islamic nations that surround it and then ask yourselves why you are surprised. I know gay people, like Jews, are not a hive mind but I can’t help but notice that most gay organizations are stridently leftist, and pro Islamic. It may be time for gay people to follow less blindly the leftist-Islamic narrative and determine what really is in your own interests.
I think it is about time for civilized countries to start to think seriously about abandoning the train wreck we used to know as the United Nations.

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Klein Verzet zei

Hi Ann,

You make a lot of valid points, but I am a bit uncomfortable with the racially inspired rhetoric in your comments. I don't think that the issues that threaten us are of a racial nature. I know that people better than myself (Fjordman, for instance) also have a tendency to go in this direction. But I fundamentally disagree that it is a fundamental issue. Islam is a religion, the EUnion is socio-political and legal. So is immigration, as a matter of fact. None of it has anything to do with race or color of skin.

Ethnicity: yes. Nationality: certainly. Culture: absolutely. Race: emphatically no.

I'd appreciate it, if you could keep racial lines of thinking out of the comments here at KV.

Ann Bradley zei

Firstly, the western world must withdraw from the Muslim-dominated United Nations.

However, it will require the compulsory repatriation of Muslims back to their respective ethnic homelands first, but we must further bear in mind that the presence of other non-White ethnicities in excessively large population numbers also constitutes an overwhelming danger to the survival of indigenous White peoples, their heritages, languages, achievement legacies, cultures, spiritual beliefs and traditions as well as the retention of their individual ancestral homelands.

Secondly, if White nations do not start repatriating non-Whites commencing with non-White Muslims, the indigenous peoples of each are doomed to genocide as a consequence of such multi-alien invasion and colonization, quickly leading to their collective extinction.

We should not be allowing ourselves to be dictated to, bullied and threatened by the Marxist Liberal/Islam/Zionist axis and, therefore, must start standing up to this menace by forming countless ethno-nationalist self-interest organizations of our own as well as establishing like-minded political parties so as to avert this orchestrated all-out genocide against all White people the world over.

Thirdly, we must start targeting the membership of the Marxist Liberal/Islam/Zionist axis for the purpose of holding them to account for their crimes against White nations through our judicial systems.

Jonathan zei

Che Guevara discovered, and Trotsky before him, that all "friends of the revolution" eventually reach the end of their usefulness.

I suspect this predictable event results from the gradual solidification of the two "M" ideologies on a global scale. Fallout as Marx and Mohammed forge their hybrid political-cultural model for world domination. We're seeing it now only after decades of latent fermentation. Go back to the days of Bieder-Mienhoff and the Achilles Lauro, Munich 1968 and the Weather Underground. Marx-Mecca were in the same orbit even then. No wonder Carlos the Jackal converted to Islam recently. It was time to make it official for the world.

All totalitarians agree that "the end justifies the means" and "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Marxism has exploited "useful idiot" liberals of every stripe and creed for nearly 100 years, towards the common end of subverting Western Judeo-Christian culture. Islam has revived its ancient ambitions to conquer the world. It may turn out to be only a marriage of convenience, but that means odd events will occur. Do NOT be surprised to see future situations where useful idiots are thrown to the wolves. This will happen as the divergent special interests in the leftist axis spiral toward the nexus of success. Internal conflict will break out. Infighting will occur.

We shouldn't stop "studying Marxism to the exclusion of all else". Lets start seeing totalitarianism for what it really IS - apart from shallow pop culture analysis. Totalitarian societies don't emerge as champions of non-conformity and individualism. When the UN favors totalitarians, this is what I expect to see.

Sue zei

I'm trying to spread this around. I'm speechless!


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