PVV biggest party among gays

Just wanted to share this highlight from DutchNews.nl:
The anti-Islam PVV has emerged as the biggest political party in an online poll by gay newspaper Gay Krant.

Some 22.3% of the 1,024 people who voted opted for the PVV, up from 16.6% in the previous poll which was held six months ago.

Support for the VVD Liberals fell from 20.1% to 16.6% with the D66 Liberal democrats rising to second place with 18%.

The rise in support is probably due to the increase in gay bashing incidents, often by youths with an ethnic minority background, website commentators said.
Personally I'd say that isn't so much the "youths with an ethnic minority background" as the extreme coddling of those yoof by political parties, mostly on the left, who fly gay rights high in their rethoric, but fail to act accordingly. Action. Louder. Words. Or some such...

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