Something wicked this way comes

Esther has news of a rather disturbing nature: Iran 'preparing Muslims for action'.
Iran finances mosques and sends imams to Norway. Here they preach hatred against the West. The aim is to prepare Norwegian Muslim ideological to carry out terror attacks, if they'll be ordered to do so one day, a source told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Saudi Arabia is not the only one who finances the building of mosques in Norway. In the battle to win the hearts of European Muslims with a very conservative extremist version of Islam, Iran also finances mosques and sends imams here. Norwegian Muslims are being prepared for action.
One of the sources in the article spells out the nature and task of the imams sent over by Iran (emphasis mine):
The imams are sent here to spread Iran's attitudes. Their religious role is an excuse to convey a hostile message against the West. Though their preaching they prepare their audience ideologically, so that in the future they'll be willing to carry out terrorist acts if they're ordered to.

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