Stealing your money

We all remember the leaders of our respective countries (specifically our own freshly-minted PM Mark Rutte and the UK's spineless wonder David Cameron, gaily portrayed together here) coming home victoriously: The had managed to turn back the EUnions budget increase from 6.2% to 2.9%!!!

Well, just to show that the EUnion never forgets and always gets its way EURef has the delightful news that the EU parliament's rapporteur on the budget, one Sidonia Jedrzejewska is currently proposing a compromise deal. Taking the 2.9% offered by the Council of Ministers, dear Sidonia is proposing to split the difference between that and the parliament's 6.2%, coming up with a 4.5% increase. And there is nothing member states can do about this because the toy parliament has the last say in the matter. There goes Marks stunning victory.

Moreover, as Dr. North writes, dear Sidonia is hinting that she can make up the balance over the year, with a series of "amending budgets" - additional spending requests made by parliament during the course of the year – which will actually put the EU spending back up to where the Commission wanted it: 6.2% increased. And we stand powerless. We cannot intervene! We have only one option: To pay. Hahaha! Isn't that the best joke?

My dear readers will have to forgive me my maniacal laughter. It is either that or descending into yet another fit of murderous rage, which will scare the cat and annoy greatly Mrs. KV. And while I don't much mind the cat hiding out in the attic for days, an annoyed Mrs. KV does not a happy home-life make...

The real joke, that really isn't, comes when we read that for the FOURTHEENTH SIXTEENTH consecutive year the Court of Auditors has refused to sign off on the EU Budget. Which, you will all agree, is reason enough to happily sing along with Ms. Helen: By all means, let's give them some more money.

But where this joke gets really hysterical is when you realize that all these shenanigans, like the 2.9% increase magically transforming back into a 6.2% increase, despite the Council of Ministers protesting, are about YOUR money (not to mention MINE). YOU pay the taxes these bottom-feeding scum steal from YOU, to tell YOU to shut up and pay them even more of YOUR money. And in return you don't even get a vote in the matter.

Doesn't that just make you feel all light and happy, sunshine and daisies?

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