Suffer the little children

From Elsevier (NL):
Europarliament: Punish the Netherlands for resistance to budget

Prime-minister Mark Rutte (VVD) has been informed by Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink of possible sanctions against the Netherlands by the European Parliament, over the blocking of an agreement on the EU budget for 2011.

Derk Jan Eppink, who is an MEP for the Flemish party, is furious with the proposals. 'This shows the arrogance of some MEPs.'

The EP is planning to postpone a vote, which would mean the Netherlands would lose 10 million euros from Brussels, money that was designated for re-integration of unemployed from the graphical sector.

According to Derk Jan Eppink the idea was first proposed during a meeting of fraction presidents. Allegedly it was from Joseph Daul, president if the christian-democrat fraction in the EP, of which the CDA is a member. A definitive decision is expected on Monday.
So, the little darlings are still sour about the increase in budget they so desperately wanted, but didn't get (we wrote about it here). And what else do small children do, when denied something they want very much, but throw a tantrum, taking their ball home, bawling all the way about the injustice done to them?

Esther de Lange, MEP for the CDA, says she hasn't heard of those plans. But if they are real she characterized them as 'extremely childish'. An assessment I can only agree with, even if I think that is a really mild and too well-mannered characterization.

Then again, as adults we're supposed to be a little more patient with small children. But do we really want to trust them with our government? Our economy?

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