Sweden abolishes itself

Flagged up by reader Emile Fluornoy and reported on by Gates of Vienna: Sweden is about to adopt a sparkly new constitution that all but abolishes, in a legal sense, the Swedish nationality.
Some of the changes:
  • The Riksdag shall vote about the Prime Minister after every election. Today, if there is an unclear parliamentarian situation, the government can continue to govern and it is up to the opposition to call for a vote of no confidence and force them to resign.
  • The Swedish membership of the EU becomes a part of the constitution.
  • It will be written in the constitution that the ability of Sami- and other ethnical, linguistic and religious minorities to keep and develop their culture shall be promoted.
  • The current requirement regarding Swedish citizenship for some higher state positions is removed. One such position is the national prosecutor (riksĂ„klagare) which might be held by non-citizens in the future. The requirement on Ministers to have been Swedish citizens for at least ten years is removed….
Apparently, Sweden isn't even waiting for a financial crisis to sell its citizens out to the EUnion monster. The Swedish political establishment is particularly pleased with the removal of the requirement that higher state positions are held by persons of the Swedish nationality.
We see great benefits to opening up for foreign citizens to have positions of power in society.
What would be the benefits for a citizenry to be ruled by a foreign power (or a power made from foreigners), one wonders. In the end it all comes to that tired old same-self mechanism that we see around the EUnion. The Swedish identity is no more. Instead we have 'persons of Swedish background'. Whcih is not to say they are not useful. As GoV observes:
Oh yes, one more thing before we forget — a special reminder for persons of Swedish background:

Don’t forget to pay your taxes!
Isn't that just the perfect description for all European peoples of old: You pay, while the foreigners play.

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