They get their way again

Small update to this story about that stunning 'victory' our PM Mark Rutte claimed to have gained with regard to the EUnion budget.

Via EURef we learn that EU Commission has circumvented Dutch, British and Scandinavian objections to a rise in budget of more then 2.9%. And they've gone and done it by completely side-lining national governments.
The EU Commission has unveiled its new budget proposals - sticking to a 2.9 percent increase as demanded by EU ministers. But the commission has also added a "contingency fund" of up to €3.5 billion to be spent in the event of "unforeseen circumstances" – a sum which does not figure in the slated annual increase.
As Dr. North explains, that means that the budget to be approved remains at 2.9 percent above last years budget, while the actual sum spent by the end of the year will be close (or even above) the six percent increase demanded by MEPs. And do they get their way - again. Or, as Dr. North rightly observes: They're taking us for fools - again.

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