Tooting our horn

In what may be called a new milestone, Klein Verzet made it into the US printed media!

Sam Schulman did a write up of the Wilders trial and how it went off the rails for the Weekly Standard magazine: Pretentiousness Kills - Lessons from the corrupt prosecution of Geert Wilders.

For the write up Mr. Schulman relied on the outstanding work Ferdy did in covering the trial for KV (once again: Thanks very much, Ferdy).

Mr. Schulman is one of the good guys, in that he 1) plugs KV in the article and 2) was nice enough to drop us a line to point it out to us. Thank you, Sam.

Yeah, I know. Tooting your own horn is not an endearing quality. But in this case I couldn't restrain myself. It is not every day that a lowly blog such as this reaches such heights.

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