Dutch government funds Wikileaks hosting

Dutch goverment funds WikileaksToday Dutch state funded public broadcaster Powned has announced it is providing Julian Assange with free hosting services for Wikileaks (NL) in order to support his efforts to publishing stolen US government files. The public broadcaster has dedicated its Internet server farm to host Wikileaks under its own domain name: powned.tv/wikileaks.

Powned is an offshoot of the popular rightwing blog Geenstijl.nl. They promised to become a Dutch Foxnews by campaigning for Powned with the slogan: “fair and balanced”. They started earlier this year, but seem to follow a much more leftist course than most of its members. So my message to all members who don’t want to support the leftist anti American cause of Julian Assange: now is a good time to quit your membership! Please see how at Amsterdam Post - Powned lidmaatschap opzeggen.

Bolton frames the issue right again:

2 reacties:

Kitiem3000 zei

Julian Assange is the Robin Hood of the 21st century. Take from the governement and give it back to the people.

Besteprinc zei

5 domein Wikileakshosting is tekoop voor 2 mil ponds ! Heeft er iemand belang bij?


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