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Sometimes it is hard not to burst out in blasphemous expletives when reading the news. Here's just such an item: NL pays Turkish anti-Wilders film (NL).

Turkish TV recently broadcast an item about 'growing islamophobia' and the ascendancy of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. Victimhood is flying thick and fast in the interviews with Dutch Turks, with one being quoted as saying "They'd rather take a Dutch person, even if your highly educated and simply better then that Dutch person". A second interviewee maintains that "the Dutch are more radical than before", with a third adding that the Netherlands and Western Europe are "a powder keg". This leads to a conclusion by one of the journalists that "Holland is one of the countries where the animosity towards immigrants is most strongly felt".

Not content with setting the tone in this manner, the item adds a nice semi-Godwin towards the end.
'It is not so complicated what is happening in the Netherlands', reporter Sibel Karakuzu of Turkish state broadcaster TRT says. 'The euro was introduced, there's an economic crisis and employment is lost. The easiest thing is to point at people that do not originate from your country. You had Jörg Haider, now you have Geert Wilders'.
So far, so annoying. But here's the real kicker: Holland paid for that bit of trash talk on Turkish TV!

Afraid for the image of the Netherlands abroad, what with Wilders formally lending support to the Danish cabinet, our government set up a campaign to improve that image. Within the framework of that campaign a number of Turkish journalists were invited for a tour of the Netherlands, ostensibly to celebrate 400 years of diplomatic ties, and work their impressions into a video item. You have to give it to them: This they did with a vengeance.

Grovelling at the feet of the islamic world evidently is still with us, even if the great originator of this policy, our intrepid former PM Jan Peter Balkenende has left the scene. This story shows what profits such groveling ultimately brings: More humiliation. All their expenses paid, pampered by government officials, these ungrateful bastards journalists go home and produce work that spits on their host and plays the victim card for Turks in Holland (no, apparently they are not Dutch Turks).

This being a government initiative, it is your money (and mine) that has been lavished on these Turkish journalists. We're paying ourselves for the privilege of having our faces dragged through shit on foreign TV. Well, (blasphemous expletive deleted), this has got to stop. What good is an image campaign, what good is all the anxious grovelling at the feet of islam, if the beneficiaries in said campaign keep treating us like cheap heroin whores?

[UPDATE001] Esther has a translation of the original item up here.

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Second Class Dutch Citizen zei

Tipical Dutch reaction. You are their friend - CORRECTION - they tolerate your presence, as long as you stop being yourself, throw away your own culture and embrace only theirs!! That’s what they consider a multi cultural democracy. They have a mouthful of the word integrating BUT, you don’t see THEM integrating into other cultures when they go live abroad. On the contrary, they are pressing for years now, for the world to embrace their ‘cultural norms’ as being the best: That entails accepting openly the right to prostitute, to be a pedophile, to marry as a gay couple and the right to sell drugs openly! There arrogance is superior than the German Über Mensch during the WW2.

Klein Verzet zei

You are right, of course. But superiority is granted, not assumed. As long as we resist going along, it will remain arrogance. Arrogance that will eventually lead to a long drop into harsh reality. After all, conceit comes before the fall, doesn't it?


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