Worrying news

From Esther we get a bit of worrying news: Jihadis fleeing to Europe (emphasis mine - KV).
French newspaper Le Figaro says that around twenty Jihadis (FR) infiltrated Greece, Germany and France. The new threat comes from a group of about 50 dangerous Jihadis caught between the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon and the Lebanese army. (...)

[Palestinian Colonel Mahmoud Issa, in charge of security in Ain al-Hilweh] says that they are a threat to European security. If they don't go to Iraq or Afghanistan like others from Ain al-Hilweh, it's because they were told to go fight in Europe.

When asked whether it's al-Qaeda or other regional sponsors, Issa just smiles. One thing is clear, he says, these people are being used by certain powers. They do not lack money, and can stay in their homes for months waiting for instructions.
Somebody somewhere apparently is trying to start a campaign of jihadi terror in Europe, according to this item. There's a nice thought going into the holidays.

The group of twenty travelled through Syria and Turkey and from there entered Greece and Bulgaria illegally and without passports. There they bought fake ID for a few hundred dollars. Some were arrested in Sofia, others deported by the Greeks and Bulgarians. But not all, according to Colonel Issa. Three names cropped up during investigations by French security forces: Imad Karoum, Youssef Kayed and Ahmad Sidawi. Esther has some background on two of these characters.

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