Grades they don't really deserve

Via Elsevier (NL) we learn that discrimination related issues are causing some groups of students to get higher grades then others. But it is not what you might think:
Turkish and Moroccan students [in secondary education] score significantly higher on school exams, compared to the national test, because their own teachers value their efforts more then the diligence of indigenous Dutch students. (...)

Because teachers over-value the efforts of immigrant students, there is a remarkable gap between grade averages of school exams and national exams.

'Such should be avoided, ', researchers advise. 'Because school exams make up half of the final diploma grade, it could very well be that the resulting diploma suggests a higher ability then these allochtone students really have'. (...)

[The researchers] conclude that secondary schools should guard against ethnic differences in grade averages between school exams and central exams.
This probably requires a little explanation: In Dutch secondary education, the exam year usually consists of three school exams (in the Fall, Winter and Spring) and is closed with a central, national exam. The grade point average of the three school exams makes up half of the final grade, with the central exam providing the other half.

School exams are written and graded by schools themselves, while the national exam is written by a national commission of secondary education teachers. National exams from one school are graded anonymously by teachers from other schools. Hence, the grade for national exams are usually thought of as reflecting more neutrally the true ability of a student.

So, this is where we stand in the Netherlands: In higher education there exist 'ethnic differences in grade averages'. The soft discrimination of low expectations results in Moroccan and Turkish students receiving grades they do not really deserve. By virtue of being a member of a 'vulnerable' minority. Or, to turn the argument around, other students are receiving lower grades, because they do not enjoy the status of a protected minority. Your ethnicity (partly) determines your grade. And if you happen to be ethnically Dutch, well that's just tough luck, isn't it?

Disgusting, there is no other word for it.

3 reacties:

DP111 zei

There will come a time when companies will disregard the grades of minority candidates, as they will have no trust in them.

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, that is what these do-gooders are refusing to understand: Unfailingly, their 'help' ultimately turns against the very objects of their so-called benevolence.

Ferdy zei

This also harms the immigrant children as their grades and diplomas will now get more and more inflation, no matter how hard they work, or how intellectually advanced they are, nobody can take there grades and diploma’s serious any more. By that they are deprived of any serious recognition for their skills. This is REAL discrimination.


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