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Why is Greenland so rich these days? It said goodbye to the EUnion!
If you think that leaving the EU would be catastrophic, take a look at Greenland. By rights its people ought to be poor. Their island is isolated, suffers from freezing weather, has a workforce of only 28,000 and relies on fish for 82 per cent of its exports. But it turns out that since leaving the EU, Greenland has been so freed of EU red tape and of the destruction of the Common Fisheries Policy, that the average income of the islanders today is higher than those living in Britain, Germany and France.
Can we leave too?

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DP111 zei


Dont advertise Greenland too much, as it would invite Muslim parasites to it. That would be the end of Greenland.

Guy Gadbois zei

Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden.


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