Pushing us into serfdom

Only a week ago we blogged a titbit on Barosso announcing proposals on 'own resources', i.e. direct EUnion taxes, before the end of next June. On EurActiv we find confirmation that the EUnion is relentlessly grinding on towards direct taxation of citizens of EUnion member states.
The European Commission is embarking in a general review of the VAT system, which represents a key source of revenue for member states and the EU institutions.
Nominally, the review has the objective of reviewing the VAT (BTW, if you're Dutch) system is "to strengthen its coherence with the single market and its capacity as a revenue raiser by improving its economic efficiency and robustness whilst reducing the cost of compliance and of collection".

Do not let yourself be fooled, though. Reading on we find the EUrocrats hammering on the fact that VAT is a key source of direct revenue to finance 'new priorities under the Lisbon Treaty'. EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski has already presented VAT as a potentially crucial option to fund the EU in future.

In other words, the 'review' is about wresting control of VAT earnings away from member nations and into the hands of the EUrocrats who then may or may not hand back VAT earnings to those same members. In addition, any control on the height of VAT, for as much as there is still left in individual member states, will be turned over into the hands of those same EUrocrats that you and I did NOT vote for, that you and I can NOT dismiss in a real election. This is truly taxation without representation. If this comes to pass, we will have crossed a line that should never be crossed: We will have become serfs.

Don't expect much from your local (national) governments, though. They have all signed up to the Lisbon Treaty Turnip, meaning they are beholden to the EUnion first, as per the treaty text. If you don't believe me, then read how Autonomous Mind dispels any ideas that our own governments will defend our liberty and sovereignty.
The inevitable promises of red lines will be meaningless. The EU has already decided the outcome and all that we will see is the carefully choreographed stage act of politicians tough talking, tub thumping and declaring hard won ‘successes’ in their faux fight to defend our already extinct sovereignty. In the final analysis everything the EU demanded, and more, will be delivered meekly and without equivocation by the quisling parasites who outright lied to the population in order to be elected to what is nothing more than a powerless parish committee sitting in a grand building in Westminster. Treacherous bastards.

We do not vote for the people who run the EU. We cannot remove them from their self appointed office. They are not accountable to us because the EU is anti democratic. The EU is an alien entity that has never been given permission by the British people to be our supreme government. But we are watching, apparently powerless, as it hands itself more control over us and the power to directly take our money to fund its chosen activities. The time for half measures has come to an end. We must resist or capitulate into serfdom.
So, which is it going to be? Free citizens of a truly democratic nation state, or unfree serfs in an anti-democratic bureaucracy, ruled by creatures that appoint themselves and answer only to themselves.

Freedom requires eternal vigilance, as the quote says. Was the betrayal over the Turnip enough to wake us up to the fact we are being sold into servitude? Or have we become so complacent, so fat, bored and irresponsible, that we no longer value our God-given freedom. Do we fight, or do we give in to the tyranny of bureaucrats?

The choices given sound stark. But that is because the situation we are in is that stark.

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Klein Verzet zei

Yes... I am getting to the point where I start to identify with the moral choices my grand-parents had to make, back when that infamous German tried to unify Europe.

DP111 zei

In the end it is always force. It is force that is used by the state or the EU through the state, that compels and extorts us.

When an undemocratic authority refuses all entreaties to cease its evil acts, force is not only justified but morally essential.


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