A rather huge stitch up

Lord Monckton, on Jo Nova's blog raises the alarm: In Cancun the governing class in what was once proudly known as the Free World is silently, casually letting go of liberty, prosperity, and even democracy itself. And no one in the mainstream media will tell you this.

As Jo Nova writes:
It did seem too quiet at Cancun.

The power hungry tyrants learnt from Copenhagen. They realized that they have a far better chance of success by underselling the expectations and sliding in long impenetrable documents in front of underling bureaucrats.
The rest of the post is by Lord Monckton, who is reporting what is actually concocted in the halls of that splendid venue in Cancun. The gist of it:
In all but name, the UN Convention’s Secretariat will become a world government directly controlling hundreds of global, supranational, regional, national and sub-national bureaucracies. It will receive the vast sum of taxpayers’ money ostensibly paid by the West to the Third World for adaptation to the supposed adverse consequences of imagined (and imaginary) “global warming”.
Head on over and read the entire piece. This is shaping up to be a stitch up to put the Turnip to shame.

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