Sharia for Holland

This week the Netherlands were culturally enriched with a new group, Shariah4Holland. Head on over to Esther for the scoop.

Right now the outfit is nothing more then a Youtube channel, with video highlights such as some primitive beard by the name of Abou Imran telling our Queen Beatrix she should submit to islam. Standard islamist fair, ridiculous and overbearing. According to Trouw (NL), Shariah4Holland describes itself as 'a group of Dutch young people' who are prepared 'to fight for legislation from Allah'. Additionally they will only stop 'when death overtakes us or the flag of shariah will wave above the Royal House in The Hague'. Also, Shariah4Holland looks 'with a bleeding heart (...) at the number of so-called muslims that go to voting stations to vote for democracy'. Just the movement the Netherlands were waiting for, no?

What is quite interesting, though, is to see who in Dutch society are sympathetic to the idea of turning the Netherlands into a sharia hell-hole. The first indication was from De Dagelijkse Standaard: Dutch UN youth representative sympathizes with Sharia4Holland.
Just like any other modern organisation Shariah4Holland has a Facebook page with at the moment of writing has 128(!) friends. One of these friends is Elsa van de Loo (...) a muslim convert that represented Dutch youth with in United Nations. In that capacity she represents Dutch youth on matters of international co-operation and human rights.
Which goes quite naturally hand in hand with sympathizing with an outfit like Shariah4Holland, you will all agree.

In a follow-up DDS note van de Loo distancing herself from Shariah4Holland, saying her befriending Shariah4Holland was 'by accident and subconscious'. But they discover a whole list of Dutch, unsurprisingly of the left persuasion, who apparently think the goals of Shariah4Holland are all swell ideas:

Samira Bouchibti, Ex-MP for the PvdA,
Jos Meeuws (board member for GroenLinks Limburg),
Nina Jurna (RTL and NRC-correspondent),
Binnur Berkholz Zengin (secretary of the Landelijke Inspraakorgaan Turken in Nederland),
Martijn de Koning (‘Dr. Scimitar‘)

The website Nieuw Religieus Peil (NL) adds the names of Hakim Traidia, miming clown in the Dutch version of  Sesame street and rapper Salah Edin.

In the mean time the National Co-ordinator for counter-terrorism has stated that the statements by Shariah4Holland are reason to 'keep a finger on the pulse'. And according to Elsevier (NL): Geert Wilders wants members of this illustrious organisation summarily de-naturalized and expelled. Something we heartily agree with.

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DutchKufar zei

I don't understand how this could be legal. They are undermining the state, advocating the unification of mosque and state, advocating discrimination of non-muslims, cause that's what sharia is. This group should be banned.

Transparency zei

...and in addition their Dutch passports and as a consequence their dutch nationalities should be taken away. And within a month these morons should be send back to their "home" countries. If they like sharia that much, practice and preach it in your own islamic countries!

Rubchem zei

Till when will Europe be sleeping.
This reminds me with the situation in England before the second world war,when Chamberlin was sleeping
while Hitler was buildind his power.

Jhmavermeulen zei

The whole thing is a hoax, probably done by moslim bashers.
Mr Klein Verzet shows the integrity of these bashers: On 22 dec. mrs Van Loo declares that she never put her name on the site, but even 1 day later Klein Verzet still accuses her of this.
Read Max Blumenthal on how Moslim -bashing began and grew:

This is a blog that tells it all:

VN jongerenvertegenwoordiger - Elsa van de Loo op 21 Dec 2010 om 14:01 #
Graag wil ik een correctie aanbrengen in de bovenstaande bewering. De link op mijn facebook-pagina met shariah4Holland is per abuis en onbewust ontstaan. Inmiddels heb ik deze ‘organisatie’ dan ook van mijn facebook-pagina verwijderd. Elk verband tussen mij en deze organisatie berust op een misverstand.

Hilda Fernhout zei

Yesterday on october 23 2011 someone dressed as a devout muslim gave me a pamflet in the Kalverstraat.
I am always curious so I accepted.
At home I read it carefully.
It was written in Dutch and I noticed several syntax errors. But that aside.
I firmly believe that what I want for myself I should grant t others.
But there is one exception to this:


Nobody is forcing you to stay here!

Klein Verzet zei



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