Spy ring leader Julian Assange arrested

Spy Ring Leader Julian AssangeToday spy ring leader Julian Assange has been arrested in the UK. Although he was not arrested for his leading role in the world’s biggest spy operation, he was arrested for rape charges brought against him in Sweden. It seems that in a socialist model state like Sweden, you can be prosecuted for rape after consensual sex when you have refused to use a condom. The story goes that two woman had a relation with him simultaneously. After they found out that they had just been used for sex instead of the pretended serious relationship they filed charges for being forced into unsafe sex with him. It’s just too bad the MSM misses the irony in this: high-minded leftist caught by laws of his adored nanny state for his own vulgar behavior.

But why didn’t the US go after the now (outside the USA) famous spy ring master? After all they arrested Bradley Manning already a half year ago. This Intelligence officer was arrested in a forward operating base in Iraq were he had stolen over 250.000 confidential government files and confidential video footage of colleagues fighting in Iraq. At that time it was immediately clear that Manning had collaborated with Wikileaks on this, but the US government seemingly did do nothing to stop the Wikileaks spy ring.

Just as with the 9/11 attacks and the banking crisis, the US is again totally taken by surprise. People again will start asking: why were we not prepared? Why didn’t we see this coming? And rightfully so, after all the US is the world’s technology leader, the leader of the rising Internet age. Why can’t the US government adjust to these new times? How is it possible that a low ranking intelligence officer like Bradley Manning can access over 250.000 files marked confidential and not being noticed? After all, he was only caught because Manning him selves was bragging about what he had done.

One can also wonder why is it that the US can arrest and prosecute Europeans who fight in Iraq. But can’t do anything against spy networks that have their tentacles into an Iraq forward base? It’s just disturbing to see the silence of president Obama on this. His foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, doesn’t do any better, she describes these hostile anti American acts as ‘an attack on the world community’. This is not an attack on the world community, this is an attack on the United States of America organized by a leftist network in Europe that invites and collaborates with spies.

Dutch leftist don’t see it as an attack on the ‘world community’ either. Their support for Wikileaks seems directly proportional with their anti-American feelings. Dutch MSM love Assange and in parliament, the Dutch left liberals (D66) took the populist lead with the support of the other leftist parties and announce their support. They want a parliamentary debate (NL) about the arrest of spy ring leader Julian Assange and they want the Dutch government to pressure the EU into blocking any extradition of the spy ring master to NATO ally United States of Americas.

I guess that’s what the American presidency deserves, if they don’t stand up for themselves, don’t expect others to do it for them.

Others on Assange:

"That’s because WikiLeaks isn’t a news organization. It’s a crime syndicate that aids the enemies of the United States. It must be shut down and its operatives and helpers jailed at bare minimum."
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nihilistic leaker-hacker dude, a rootless subverter of international public order
-- Daily Beast - What Does Julian Assange Want?

"We have seen the negative, sometimes deadly ramifications for those Afghans identified as working for or sympathizing with international forces"
--Wallstreet Journal - Rights Groups Join Criticism of WikiLeaks

"assassinations skyrocketed to an average 18 a week"
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Guy Gadbois zei

The Swedish government has always been a dictatorship government ruled by thugs. The reson these criminals have a good reputation is because they spend $10 billion dollars each year on propaganda telling the world how democratic they are and how they love peace and freedom. The truth is that the criminal regime in Stockholm has always done everything they can to start wars and conflicts so the Swedish weapon industry (Bofors/SAAB Dynamics) will sell more guns. This is the reson why the scumbag government in Sweden supports US-Army in Afghanistan, so the opium crops are safe, and that means that Turkey, USA, Pakistan and India can buy Swedish weapons with money from opium and heroin trade.

Julian Assange is a danger to the Swedish government, which is robbing and killing in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, involved in drug trade and weapon sales, financing terrorist groups made by the CIA. Assange in Sweden is like the Swedish politicians playing Russian roulette… just waiting for the bullet to go of (Assange to see the truth about the Swedish government).

To understand how it all connects, you need only to look into which countries are the biggest buyers of Swedish weapons and which countries are involved in Afghan opium/heroin trade. USA and England owns 50 percent of the Swedish weapon industry.



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