Vote Dutch in Dhimmi internationale 2010

Although The Netherlands is just a small country, it's still a leading nation that is able to put forward two excellent candidates to the final round of this year’s Jihadwatch Dhimmi and Anti-Dhimmi Internationale 2010 election. So please, go out and vote for our two Dutch candidates:

Dhimmi Internationale 2010: Tom Schalken
Tom Schalken is the judge that ordered the trial against Geert Wilders. He had dinner with expert witness Hans Jansen just before he had to testify in the trial Schalken himself had ordered. During the dinner Schalken tried to convince Hans Jansen on how right it was that he put Geert Wilders on trial.

Anti-Dhimmi Internationale 2010: Geert Wilders
He's that Dutch politician who needs 24h armed protection, but each and every day he wakes up and continues to do what he thinks is the right thing. An unwavering Dutch man he is.

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