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I had intended to stay out of the Wikileaks fracas. Mainly because the 'shocking revelations' confirm what everybody even mildly interested in (geo-)politics already suspected to be the case.

It seems to me that if the goal has been to damage the USA, the leaks failed. Most of the damage seems to be done to those regimes that rely on subterfuge and secrecy for their own survival. Which is also, I think, the direction from which Assange should expect the gravest dangers to his health and safety (see this, for instance).

But this ought to give the reader a chuckle: Over on NewsRealBlog Wikileaks gets a taste of its own remedy.
Thanks to an early participant in WikiLeaks‘ operations dating back to 2006 and the beginning of 2007, who became so disgruntled with its leader’s outsized ego, lies and deceitful methods that he quit, we have a treasure trove of internal Wikileaks e-mails.
The Wikileaks emails can be found here on Cryptome.

In the emails, the ultimate goal of the people behind Wikileaks is expressed in these term:
What does not exist is a way to turn raw leaks into
into politically influential knowledge through the revoutionary (sic) mass
collaborative analysis of wikipedia.

Sufficient leaking will bring down many administrations that rely on
concealing reality -- including the US administration. Ellsberg calls
for it. Everyone knows it. We're doing it.
Long suspected of course, but it is nice to have confirmation. There's also some intriguing hints in the emails that the infamous Georg Soros has financially backed the Wikileaks initiative. Again: Not surprising. But maybe something good will come from having the confirmation.

One last thing about the Wikileaks: The way the MSM, and in particular the newspapers that were in the loop, treated the leaked material from Wikileaks is diametrically opposed to the way they sanctimoniously refused to report on the contents of the climategate emails. Powerline, via Anthony Watts, already pointed it out: Hypocrisy meter pegged at the New York Times. Can we now openly admit to ourselves that the MSM has an agenda and is not that concerned about what their readers think of that agenda?

[UPDATE001] Okay, one more thing: In the Telegraph Edmund Conway argues that Wikileaks is copying 16th-century Amsterdam.
Back in the early days of the printing revolution, when Reformation-period governments realised the power of the printed word, they slapped as many restrictions as possible on owners of presses. About the only place without those restrictions was the Dutch Republic, and Amsterdam in particular. So it was there that pamphlets and newspapers really started to develop into the thrusting, story-breaking political animals they are today.
What a sad little place our country under EUnion rule is now, compared to those heady days. (h/t Gawain Towler)

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FYI: In The Netherlands powned a.k.a. is mirroring Wikileaks. Good reason for those Dutch folks to start cancel their membership of PowNed.

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OT but worth reading

Why Are Rich White "Left-Wingers" Megaphones For The Third-World Far Right?

This is an essay that needs wide dissemination.


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