You just have to like him

I am not 100% in love with our new government, led by PM Mark Rutte (p). This is not exactly shocking, because when is that ever the case? I still think this new 'Danish' cabinet is too much married to transnational and green ideas. On issues of climate, the dead hand of the EUnion or ever-encroaching islamism there is in my opinion still too little of 'Let's stop a minute and think this through with some common sense'.

But a PM that says this kind of stuff (NL) is potentially one of the good guys. Let us hope (and pray, if you are so inclined) he will be able to match his words with actions.
This is what I want to project: We want to take back society from the ass-holes, heroes should be given space. The heroes, that is us, all of us who lead our lives in a normal fashion, earn our money normally, pay our taxes, raise our children right and give them a future.
You have to like him, just for saying that.

I know, this seems a bit inconsistent with my previous post. And if, despite all his good intentions, our intrepid PM is not able to withstand the forces of evil transnational socialist tyranny, it may turn out that my previous post is more pertinent then this one.

But for now, it seems that in a sea of arrogant, privilege demanding and tyrannical jobsworths (are you listening, Herman?), prime-minister Mark Rutte has his heart in the right place. Which should fill us with a little hope.

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