Global Warming caused the Australian floods

No, really! Just not in the way you're normally led to believe.

Dr. North pulls a number of sources together in a piece on the Wyvenhoe Dam that was supposed manage the water supply to Brisbane, and the way local authorities remained stuck on stupid AGW caused drought, against the requirements of the moment.
By Monday it was too late, the die was cast. The inflows to the dam were greater than could be released. Yet the gates should have been throttled back because of the enormous flow in the Bremer river and Lockyer Creek which join the Brisbane below the Wyvenhoe dam.

The level in the dam went to within an inch or so of having the emergency spillway plugs failing and releasing an unbelievable amount of water to save the main rock and earth fill wall. They are saying, behind closed doors, just over an inch more of rain and the dam would have failed. Brisbane would be no more.
Hence, it wasn't global warming per se that caused the flooding, it was the obsession with global warming what done it. The same obsession that has afflicted so many of our authorities these days. Can we please have a return of a little sanity?

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